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Art of Sing2
 Contact : (702) 541- 4041
Consignment boutique: Follow me @ 
Boutique name Sing2
Instagram: Starmonkey888
Go to other page Oils to see all paintings and Prints available for Raffle/ Fundraiser. 
"Wine Down" 16x36. Acrylic & Oil. Wood frames on Canvas. Bid starts $222RAFFLE.
"Exhale"Acrylic. 12x24. Bid starts $222.
"Drip Ele" Namaste. 24x26. Acrylic & Oil. Bid starts $555. Prints & Shirts Available. RAFFLE.
"Love Laos" 20x24. Acrylic. Gift with love.

              Lets build Good Karma Together! 
"Thug Life" Acrylic. Stool. Open for bids. Proceeds donated to Laos.
"World" 24x36. Acrylic. Bid Starts $888. RAFFLE.