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Art of Sing2
 Contact : (702) 541- 4041
Consignment boutique: Follow me @ 
Boutique name Sing2
Instagram: Starmonkey888
Go to other page Oils to see all paintings and Prints available for Raffle/ Fundraiser. 
"Wine Down" 16x36. Acrylic & Oil. Wood frames on Canvas. Bid starts $444RAFFLE.
"Exhale"Acrylic. 12x24. Bid starts $333.
"Drip Ele" Namaste. 24x26. Acrylic & Oil. Bid starts $1111. Prints Available. RAFFLE.
"Love Laos" 20x24. Acrylic. Bid starts $777RAFFLE.

              Lets build Good Karma Together! 
"Thug Life" Acrylic. Stool. Open for bids. Proceeds donated to Laos.
"World" 24x36. Acrylic. Bid Starts $888