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Art of Sing2 @Starmonkey
Poshmark.Ca: @2sings
Instagram: Starmonkey888
Facebook: SingSing Komany- Whitfield
Go to other page Oils to see all paintings and Prints available for Raffle/ Fundraiser. 
"Wine Down" 16x36. Acrylic & Oil. Wood frames on Canvas. Bid starts $222RAFFLE.
"Dok Champa" Acrylic. 12x24. RAFFLE WINNER'S choice
"Drip Ele" Namaste. 24x36. Acrylic & Oil. Bid starts $888. Prints & Shirts Available. RAFFLE.
"Love Laos" 20x24. Acrylic. Gift with love.

              Lets build Good Karma Together! 
"Thug Life" Acrylic. Stool. Open for bids. Proceeds donated to Laos.
"World" 24x36. Acrylic. Proceeds donated to Stone (Vet bills & medications.
"My Shit Smells Like Roses" 8x10. Acrylic. Remix. Gold Chain. Bid starts $88. RAFFLE.
"Sweet Juicy Beatz" 16x20.Acrylic & Oil. Proceeds donated to Laos.
"Up" 18x24. Acrylic & Oil. Gold Chain. Pearls. Bid Starts $420. RAFFLE
Stone has developed Kidney Disease & other complications. I will continue to care & heal him until it's time for him to suffer no more. He will let me know. I know I don't have much time with him, what I do know is that the time we did have 2gether, he has brought Soul much Joy & unconditional love into our lives, for that I'm forever grateful. I know he is only trying to stay strong for me & the meds are only masking his pain. I'm sorry I have to live longer than you, I love you Soul Much Baby Steak. All Proceeds from my artwork will be donated to Stone. Vet Bills, Medications & anything necessary. My eyes are soaking, soul is swollen & heart is massively heavy. If y'all wanna simply donate it would mean the world to me us. Love & Faith. or reach out to me 604 445 3087.

For the Love of Stonecheeze!

"Love Conquers All"
30x24. Oil. Proceeds donated to Stone (Vet Bills & medications)
"Gracie's Chandelier" 30x40. Oil & Acrylic. Proceeds donated to Coast to Coast Bully Rescues. Bid starts $888
"Banana" Warhol meets Sing2. Gold chain. 16x20. Acrylic. Bid starts $333.
"Wu Tang Forever22x28. Acrylic. Recycled ShirtGold ChainBid Starts $420