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Art of Sing2 @Starmonkey
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Instagram: Starmonkey888
Facebook: SingSing Komany- Whitfield
​"Daily DosesNamaste. Live. Love. Laugh. Let Go. 24x36. Oil. Raffle Winner. Proceeds donated to Laos, to clear bombs & build schools. Prints available.
"Agapè" Namastè. 24x36. Oils. Bid starts $777Prints available. RAFFLE.
"Chili Stone" 24x24. Oil. Personal portraits for my dogs. If your interested on a personal portrait for your animals, I can make it happen!
Frames not included 
"Omakasè" Sushi Roku. 24x48. Oil. Bid starts $2222. 
"Green eggs & ham" Dr. Suess tribute. Dip-tych. 12x36. Oil. Bid starts $777. RAFFLE
Eye candies for your Souls
"Truth Seeker" Tree. Namastè. 24x36. Oil. Bid starts $555Prints available. RAFFLE.
Shipping fees will apply
"Cherry Pie"
 Chronicle. 24x36. Oil. Gift.
 Proceeds donated to Laos, to clear bombs, build schools & rebuild rural villages. Non-Profit No Kill Animal Rescues & Charities
"Soul Works"
24x48. Oil. D
Donated to Splendorporium & The Art 4 Life Children's Gallery.
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Raffle winner's Choice. 11/10/18
Chronicle. Cannabidiol. Oil. 15x30
Gift with love.
"Rainbow Dancer" Namasté. Oil. 20x20. Bid starts $420Prints & Shirts Available. RAFFLE.
"Ashanti" Namasté. Oil. 20x20. Gift with Love.
"Freedom-Yoga & Trees/Hip Drip C's
 Oil. 22x28. GIFT. Prints & Shirts available.
Love Notes" Oil. 22x28. Gift with Love.
"Life's so sweet Oil. 22x28.Raffle winner's choice 05/27/18.Proceeds donated to Laos & Animal Aid Unlimited, India. Prints & Shirts available.
"She-Wolf" Oil. Patrick Nagel tribute. Tattooed Canvas. 18x36. Commission WorkProceeds donated to Wolf Conservation.
"Dallas Baby" Oil. 22x28. Bid starts $777Prints available. RAFFLE.
"Chakracado" Namaste. Oil. 
Love eye. Forgiveness. Strength. Courage. Ashanti. Lessons. Abundance. Protection. Faith. 18x24. Wood Canvas. Raffle Winner's Choice 5/27/18. Proceeds donated to Laos & Animal Aid Unlimited, India. Prints Available.
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"Rockacado" Oil. Rock.
"Scorpion" Acrylic & Oil. 12x24. Commission Work. Proceeds donated to Operation Kindness. Dallas,TX
"Thervada Buddhist" Laos. Acrylic & Oil. 22x28. Proceeds donated to 
Operation Kindness.Dallas,TX.
Shirts available
"Hug Life" Tatted Ele. Acrylic & Oil. 22x 28. Proceeds donated to Laos, rebuild the rural villages.Prints & Shirts available.
"Growth" Acrylic & Oil.  24x36.Prints & Shirts Available.  RAFFLE WINNER, Berlin Germany
"Lola's Mermaid Tale" Acrylic & Oil. 24x36Commission Work. Proceeds donated to Laos, to clear bombs & build schools. 
"Yoga Bling" Namaste.24x36. Acrylic. Bid starts $777. Prints & Shirts available. RAFFLE.
"Dino B-Fly" 24x36. Acrylic. Commision work. Proceeds donated to Laos, to clear bombs & build schools.
"Be the Love24x48Acrylic & Oil. Donated to "Hope for Silent Voices" Stop Child Human Trafficking in Cambodia. Prints available.
"Khaw Niaw for life" To all my Sticky rice Gangsta! Bling Bling Sticky Rice. 16x20. Acrylic & Oil. Prints & Shirts available. Proceeds donated to Laos
''Yolkacado" Oil & Acrylic. 20x30. Prints & Shirts available. RAFFLE WINNER.
"Ikura uzuri tomago nigriSaturday night special. 16x20. Acrylic. Bid starts $333Prints & Shirts available. RAFFLE.
"Yolk-Croque" Oil & Acrylic. 20x30. Bid starts $555. 
"Freedom-High as a Birdie" 24x36.Oil & Acrylic. Bid starts $777. Prints available. RAFFLE.
"Pineapple Xpress" 16x20. Acrylic & Oil. Proceeds donated to Laos.